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It seems this site won't be normal anymore,so I guess I'd post at a new address....hope you guys would continue visiting my blog and reading my posts.

I've been very busy and didn't have the time to update my blogs or even announce my new blog. But I have been doing a few stuff which I hope to share at my new address.:D

I thank you for coming.Please visit the new site k? God bless...


Disaster at hand

Author: Asri

Due to some circumstances my blog now has become a disaster..I'm trying my best to repair this mess but however...people..DO NOT USE OTHER PEOPLE'S TEMPLATE...its a disaster...even though blogger.com only has boring and simple templates at least none of this crap would've happened if I just keep using this black theme.

Will try my best to repair this I assure you.

Now I closed my poll for nothing...


The next band that I wanna introduce to you all is a band that's pure aggression, anger and hatred with speed and power to match.

Ok,be warned: this band is not for the faint hearted.

The founder of this band is the original guitarist for Fear Factory,which he left in 2002. His name is Dino Cazares, founder of one of the heaviest band out there,Divine Heresy.

I suppose it wasn't easy for Dino to kick start this band after leaving Fear Factory. Well, for starters he had to try out 3 drummers which he 'sent home' because they weren't up to his specification. I suppose I do know his specification: play 1 million beat a minute of double bass drum. Ok, perhaps that was an overstatement but take my word for it...it's pretty close in real life because the fourth drummer that Dino auditioned is Tim Yeung. An awesome drummer that's for sure and I can tell you this, when you listen to their song you'd understand why Dino liked Tim Yeung. Blasting bass drums, awesome drumming skills as well. Its a mixture and balance of skill and endurance if you ask me. The song that blew me away was the very first song of the album , Bleed The Fifth. My ears just couldn't believe it when the drums came in after 'the bomb'.
Anyways, now Dino and Tim decided they need a vocalists. Century Media's president, Marco Barbierri introduced Tommy Vex (he used to be a club bouncer), and so they decided to give Tommy a shot by sending him a tape of their songs so he could audition for them. Tommy seems to fulfill the anger and passion that the band needs, thus becoming Divine Heresy's full time vocalist.
I just recently found out that the band also found a new full time bassist, ex-Nile's Joe Payne (because when they released their first album they were only Dino, Tim and Tommy). Saw him played live in Youtube. He filled in for backup vocals, and I would say he did it well too.
So there you have it, a new metal material for those who ran out of 'things to listen to'...this is definitely a band you should try out. Especially those who are into thrash metal as well. This band will kick your ass. To me this band has certain elements of Fear Factory but with more edge,more skills and even guitar solos.
(As usual) here's a video of their new single...Failed Creation:

This is for y'all who think I went soft...I listen to all laa...



Author: Asri

Yes, yesterday Infinite Hate jammed with a new member, Usop...he plays with me in the other project, i.e. Dream Theater cover band and I managed to pujuk him to fill in the drum position while Infinite Hate's current drummer switched to guitar duties. Last night was our first session with Usop...well, it was sort of mixed feelings but of course definitely good ones I suppose. He didn't get to find all the drums for the songlist I gave him last Wednesday, I suppose he was busy but anyways...we did play some 'common ground' songs like Creeping Death, Bridge Of Destiny and even Dark Of The Sun....

And not to forget this old school song..Master Of Puppets...

Excuse the missed calculated breath for the high vocal key notes that I missed a few times...

Come crawling faster!!!


My car..my car!!!

Author: Asri

I'm sure some of you guys heard that I was involved in an accident last year.I finally made the repairs and claimed it through my insurance though. The repairs cost about RM2105.00 if I'm not mistaken. They showed to me what they did, but they never let me keep the invoice of the things they did to my car though. Anyways, as you all would know, this cost me my NCD(No Claims Discount) which also means that I have to start paying my premium in full again. Don't get me started on that. I just renewed my car insurance a few weeks ago and it was a total nightmare. Uugghhh....nuff said about that.

Well here are the pics... I know the before picture shows no justice as how could that little dent could cost more that RM2k++, but you'd be surprise what Toyota are capable of, especially if you buy original parts and also obtaining their services as well.

Oh, there was even one fine Monday morning as I was on my way to work, imagine to my horror as I was just about to get out of my parking space (inside my aunt's condo compound!) I saw this:

I was so pissed because the security guard didn't hear crap when the culprit busted my side mirror. So I couldn't make another police report, because I have no idea who the culprit was, I have no witnessess....frustrated,mad I just took the day off and headed to the nearest Toyota garage and guess how much a(singular,not plural) side mirror cost me...RM300!!

Automobile is an expensive commodity, so please just take care of your car...regardless whether you're swimming in a pool of money because in my opinion...they're just squizing as much as they can out of you...its just too overpriced, and I think this is to satisfy a certain party's thirst for money....if you know who I mean. Bloody bastards...

Oh, I hung out with Saj and Elaine yesterday...at some hidden Thai restaurant in SS17. I would never ever knew about that place if it wasn't for Elaine. The place was kinda classy yet comfy. They have an awesome Tom Yam soup, though I'm not sure if I'm able to get there again. Tim yong?

"She said that love..is for fools that fall behind.." - Shimmer by Fuel


Check this out guys!

Author: Asri

Have you guys heard of a Chapman Stick ? I myself never heard of a chapman stick until I got to know that John Myung (Dream Theater's bassist) uses this instrument in one of their song.But after knowing that John uses this instrument, I sort of made a little research on this.
At a first glance this thing looks like an electronic sitar.Anyways, from the info I've gathered Chapman Sticks comes in a variety of versions i.e. 8, 10 or 12 strings. From my observation of the people who uses this instrument, they tap by using both hands and this instrument is able to produce sounds of both bass kind of sound and a normal guitar as well. Its pretty interesting that one instrument is able to create a nuance of 2 instruments.hehe. It even has passive and active pickups, with midi controller and also 2 channel output i.e for bass and melody (I suppose for the 'guitar' sound)

I must say I only saw a few musicians who uses this instrument. And I must also say that I've never ever held a Chapman Stick before, because I stay in Malaysia, and I always believe that our exposure to music here in Malaysia is very very dissapointing.

Here's another musician who uses a chapman stick...meet Rob Martino, one of the musician you'd find on Youtube should you type Chapman Stick in the search collumn. The name of the song is One Cloud and people, I LOVE THIS SONG!!!

Nuances of the unknown is just like being in the dark....show me the light!


Ok, I thought I should write about her before she gets really famous in Malaysia. Apparently now she's co-producing songs with Timbaland which means that she's bound for total fame really soon. A proof that I've known her for very long time already.

All right, here we go. Another one of those rare artists that Malaysia rarely or to be more pollitically correct never heard of is Anna Nalick.

Born in Glendora, California this 24 year old lass so far just released her first album in 2005 as well (yeah, but I heard of her around 2006)...How did I get to know her? Well, I was browsing through Amazon.com looking for some CDs and there it was, with the website recommending me to this particular artist after selecting a few CDs. And with the help of their 30 second sample and Limewire it brilliantly hooked me with her. At first I downloaded her single then I saw whole album was online so what the heck. (I know, this is not good for the artist but hey, I will buy the album if its in Tower Records k?)...by the way, is Tower Records closing for good in Malaysia?

She's one of those soft/pop rock kinda chick. Songs that got me hooked was In The Rough, Breathe (2am), Forever Love (Bigame) and Paper Bag. If you must know, her single Breathe (2am) was played in some of the famous shows that's currently being aired in our TV now...among them are Grey's Anatomy and One Tree Hill. If you're a love song junkie, then I would really..REALLY recommend Forever Love (Bigame).Anyways, you could just see her on Youtube...she's really famous there. Here's the link.

Well...so when she gets famous with her new song Shine where she co-produced with Timbaland don't say I never knew her a loooonnngggg time ago..ya dig?

Then again there's a possibility that she will never be famous...at all....here in Malaysia...

I'm putting the acoustic performance of Breathe(2am) for you guys to sample.

My nose is running off to Timbuktu....


I would like to introduce to you guys some of the...' mostly unheard' artist which I think is in need of an introduction. At least at my blog here. No, I don't think the number of people who listens to them in Malaysia could reach a ten, let alone a hundred. Anyways, I think they deserve an introduction here.

The band that I would like to introduce is Los Angeles's very own The Like.

Formed in 2001,the band consists of Elizabeth "Z" Berg (guitar/vocals), Charlotte Froom (bass/vocals) and Tennessee Thomas (drums/vocals). Their full length debut album, Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking ? was actually released in 2005. Yes, it was released 3 years ago and to be honest I only heard of them last year. Oh, it was introduced by another not so well known artist, Nina Gordon.

This band actually, is doing pretty well in the United States. Apparently they've opened for big names like Muse, Phantom Planet, Kings of Leon and even Tori Amos. One of their song, (So I'll Sit Here) Waiting was even featured in the movie Thirteen starring Evan Rachel Wood and Nicki Reed (A movie about hormon, angst,drama etc). Anyways, that song is particularly one of my favourite songs in the album. In fact, that was actually the first song that got me hooked on The Like.

Anyways, this is one of those rare bands that people should get to know about. Among some of my favourite songs in their debut EP is (So I'll Sit Here) Waiting, Too Late and We Are Lost. Of course, take my word for it...I love the whole album. Try it guys...

Oh, you would love them if you listen to...Veruca Salt, Tori Amos, Sarah Mclachlan, Anna Nalick..

"An all girl band?Really?....mmmm"


I got another video online only this time with Halim and Usop...yeap, just the three of us and of course its at the same Brown Black Blues studio.

The video quality is not that good but the sound quality is bearable. Hope you guys enjoy this one....\m/


I never disclosed to you guys...I was asked (or to be more pollitically correct, was given a directive) to volunteer for a dance (YES,DANCE!!)performance, at our Managing Director's farewell dinner...and the performance was about 4 hours ago...accckkk...yes, I thought it was going to be a...reputation/public relations disaster especially at work! You know how some..SOME people can be very skeptical towards guys who dance for a performance...anyways, the whole time..from the rehearsal until the last few minutes before the show begins...it was fine. I was doing fine with my flag waving routine for the Chinese dance (I am half Chinese...proud to represent my other half race) until right before my turn to do that flag thinggy..the flag just came off from the stick!!!

Holy shit!! I was trying to put the thing back on but just couldn't focus hard enough to put the damn thing back on...thank God for Nur Asikin ( I won't forget this!!) was there focused enough to put the flag back on and I managed to still get on the stage doing my thing...though I had to do my flag routine slowly...coz I bet if I waive it hard enough it would just fly off and that would just be another traumatizing disaster.

Well..now its over...the rest of the 'dance' went well...except for the flag part where I feel kinda dissappointed because I sort of like the move, trained till my fingers hurt like hell and I didn't get to do it on stage...*sigh*...

Anyways...I realised now people could just go on saying "Sasha, dancer!"....well, if I had it my way, I'd say "Fuck you, you didn't have the balls to step up to do the shit I did, didn't you?"

Of course...that would end up me being fired I suppose...

But you know what, it was kinda fun. I got to wear a chinese traditional costume, show off a little martial art...and I was very impressed with my other half race's culture and history.

Anyways, here's a picture of me with Lee Chee Hao during the rehearsal..

Me and Chee Hao

"Men who looks down on men who dances are pathetic.."


And there we have it...in total for now we already have FOUR videos of Infinite Hate jamming online.I hope this would produce some results (though currently, I still think that's a small probability...) but of course we will try our best to spread the news to the world of our existence.

I look back in time, we always had trouble with timing and also connection to get ourselves an opportunity to play live in a gig. For my personal experience, I myself only experienced performing live only a few times...first time was playing Gun's N Roses's Sweet Child Of Mine in St. Joseph Kuching. Then later played acoustic guitar for the song...I think it was..Breakfast At Tiffany's at SMB St. Theresa for a talent show there. And then...it was playing at a poolside party over at Hilton Kuching...playing Metallica's Master Of Puppets live...this would be the first and the so far the last time I played metal. After that as time passed by...especially after we formed Infinite Hate, its been hard to get ourselves a big break playing in a gig.

I know...there's tons of metal bands performing out there...but I still couldn't find the connection to get our band a gig yet? If you do know someone who's a gig event manager...let me or better yet...let him know about us?We have originals if he requires us to play original songs.

Well,here's another video...this is us playing Iron Maiden's The Trooper...\m/

Man I'm hungry....actually I'm hungry for a lot of things....:D


Just want to let you guys know...my old project, Infinite Hate has penetrated the internet and now can be found in Youtube. Look for the profile of Madsouls...these are some of the best cover songs we played. However, there can be mistakes found here and there...but what the heck.

We have our own originals...just don't know when can we pull off another Live For My Hate . Anyways, here's one of our video...Heartwork...It's one hell of a Carcass song. Hopefully people in the internet world like it. I hope you,the reader like it too.

I'm so proud of us......*sob*sob*...


"Hey, aren't you the guy who listens to heavy metal? Y'know, those heavy growling vocals, distorted guitars and hard thumping drums that people can't hear a thing?How come I see Sean Kingston's song in your MP3 list..."

" Hey, aren't you the guy that listens to hip hop? People who listens to hip hop can't listen to metal."

"Hey, you look like a guy who listens to the Backstreet Boys.."

"I'm very confused by your music orientation..."

These are some of the comments I normally hear in my daily life.

C'mon people, grow up. Open thine eyes and see that the world has more to offer that just sticking to one genre of music. Sure, some people do stick to a few, but they always restrict themselves in order to avoid contradiction of ideology/genre (I'm trying to sound smart here...bear with me)

My opinion is that good music exists in all genres. Regardless whether it is a Tamil song, Hindi, Baghra, Malay song....I personally experienced good music in areas that I've never thought of finding. What area would that be? For me, one of the areas I find it surprising that I've learned to love (see the word LOVE and not using the word like ?) HIP HOP. And this includes the relevant areas to this genre (I'm just trying to make it clear that I see as Crunk is in the almost same genre to hip hop...the only difference that I see is a few...crunk has sountern fast beats and somehow or rather crunk has different 'ideology' based on my observation on their lyrics).

Yes, I admit. I was hip-hop-phobic. I started to be fanatical about music when I first listened to heavy metal or more specifically Metallica's Master Of Puppets. I used to tell myself people who listens to metal can't possibly relate themselves to these drug taking, pussy crazy alcohol drinking party animals. But you know what, somehow or rather its more than just the way of life of that particular genre. Its more rather than just what they have in their image and what they have in their list of precedence.

I was amazed by how anger and depression also are expressed in their genre. For example:

In Tupac's Letter To The President:

"How hypocritical is Liberty?
That blind bitch
ain't never did shit for me
My history, full of casket and scars
My own black nation at war, whole family behind bars"

Ok, I admit. I don't listen only because of lyrics. I don't restrict myself only to songs with "good angry lyrics". I like to that particular music/song due to whatever aspect that seems fit. What other aspects you ask? Well, it could be anything. The melody, beat, the mood it brings, rapping speed,lyrics...anything whatever it is, I'm a guy who doesn't restrict himself.


Music prefference has always been about personal prefference. It can't be forced even though somehow or rather it fits the 'requirement' of the general public's definition of "good music" (notice that those "" means I'm doing the air quotes with my hands). There are just some songs (or perhaps many lah actually) I just refuse to accept it as good music, regardless by how many grammy that artist won..for example, Amy Whinehouse's Rehab. Why? Well, in my personal opinion it just sounds too noisy with her vocals let alone with music. Ok that was kinda rough, but I always say this: It's My Opinion. So just bear with it.If you can't handle this then bugger off aight?

I also tend to hear that song everytime my colleague's handphone rings. So consider it as being overplayed to me. Jemu lah.

But anyways...just want to let you know I do like some songs in the Malay scene, Indon scene, hip hop, pop, rock,alternative, emo(mainstream).... I don't think I could handle the instrumental emo scene or shuffle/in house mix/techno stuff. I just can't. I suppose I just couldn't grasp the concept yet.

So now comes to the question of...which genre do I belong to? Which image should I put up to say this is who I am?

I've thought about it. I suppose, I can't put up the pure hip-hop image (baggy pants, FUBU shoes, Eagle's jersey with cap,wristbands, shades)...I suppose I did try to do it before,during my studying days. But no, I just couldn't. Perhaps a normal occasional Lelaki Ampang image or just Ah Beng yang pergi layan itu techno kat club (reminder: I don't listen to techno...tak boleh blahh!!) kind of image that I potray perhaps?. That's maybe due to my limit financial resource. Aiyah, look at friendster profile lah. That's how I look.

Oh...I forgot to mention. I have a tendency to be a HUGE fan of those rarely played female artists on our national/cable tv. For example, who here has ever heard of Anna Nalick? Or The Like?

I'd buy and wear their printed t-shirts. That can't be considered gay right?....

Oh well...got to go...got a girl waiting for me in the shower now.Comiiinngg!!


Only For The Weak

Author: Asri

Apparently it seems that some songs could still bring me back through time...oh let's say to about 8 years back. I find it kinda surprising (however that doesn't change the state that I am..*smiling*)...but anyways, perhaps only some who read this would know what the hell am I talking about (some might understand, some might just roll their eyes up again)....

But I'm sure you'd agree with me that these things do happen...songs that remind you of a specific period of your life (or moment)...for example, Red Hot Chilli Pepper's The Other Side remind me of eating lunch in my hostel apartment during my induction week at UNITEN(among other things of course). Anyways, just writing this down.It is a blog of expression right?

What was the song that reminded me of the past? Awesome by Veruca Salt.

I'm current saving the video of their concert from a flash video playing website.

Veruca Salt = Awesome...even playing live



Author: Asri

"And it makes me wonder if I ever gave a **** about you" - Makes Me Wonder by Maroon 5

That was the lyric that I heard on tv tonight while the music video was playing on one of our beloved cable tv channels. Ok, sometimes it gets worst: they censor the word whore, ass and even bitch. On purpose or not, is one hell of a mystery to me.

By definition,

Whore = prostitute

ass = donkey or bum(pending on context of your sentence)

and bitch = female dog (or as the ignorant/vain/denial would say, Babe In Total Control of Herself..WTF???)

What I'm trying to say here is...are kids so cut off from the world that they can't figure out what was censored?Ok,we just drop about that for now. we will discuss about the Maroon 5 video. Fine, you censor the word f*ck.....somehow or rather they (the kids) are going to hear the song (censored version) on radio, my point being its so famous you got to hear that song at least once in your lifetime.

Kids are intuitive mind you...they will ask "why was there a blank sound at the chorus just now?"

What do you think happens then?

Of course,the kid will actually embark on an adventure of finding out. There's :

1) Youtube
2) Limewire
3) Kazaa
4) The original CD (probably uncensored..at least during the early release)
5) Friends who got the original CD/downloaded the uncensored version/showed the video on youtube

My point being...I'm questioning the nature of censorship and its course. If kids (with their ever so eagerness behaviour and intuition) that they could get the uncensored version of anything so easily (even porn)..what's the whole point?? What's the deal in censoring the word f*ck in the chorus of Makes Me Wonder if it's soooo easily to find out what the f*ck was censored anyway??

Now forget about Maroon 5 then. Just replace that song with anything they censor on our idiot box now. I question its nature (the censorship), I question the point being that the alternative is easily obtained with the help of technology.

I just want to comment on this thing that's been going on in our media for ever so long. Think voting anyone in this election could help us with this issue?

"I don't think so...."

And I choose "None Of The Above".


Bangsar we hangin'...

Author: Asri

I almost forgot that I was supposed to hang out with 2 of my closest friends here...well,Elaine was kind enough to sms me this afternoon to remind me that there was a get-together with them this evening...or I would've forgotten.Me and my bad habbits.

I also realised that we haven't met for so long and most of the information changed was through G Talk...crap. Although I remember sajna telling me that I'm up-to-date...heck Saj, all of us met was what...3 months ago?I remember we met up at the A&W drive through restaurant in PJ..that was the last one..but how long has it been?

Anyways, it was fun hanging out with them. Talked about almost anything...love life, politics, housemates,work...muahaha...

("Ever Increasing Circle" by Carcass playing on my iTunes now)

Yes, if you noticed I'm the only guy in this hanging out group. Well, I have said it before...I am a normal eccentric guy in Malaysia. I believe I am different, you can compare me to most of the Malay or even the male species for this matter. But however, hanging out with them somehow or rather I realise we are all in the same frequency. We are somehow to a certain degree rather cynical, pestimist and also optimist in a way, sarcastic and also opinionated about certain things.

But you know what, they are one of the few who are down to earth and somehow or rather I feel all of us belong to the same social level I suppose. I suppose that's the main key how we all managed to keep in contact with each other and also tolerated each other. And we share our predicaments in all areas usually. Should we come from different social standard I think we would have lost contact...because in my opinion social standard could somehow or rather 'manipulate' us becoming who we are...am I right? Our attitudes would somehow not be the same as we are today.

Of course, it would bring no justice as I would never know, if I belong to a lower social standard or Saj being a anak datuk would we still be in contact and be friends? Would we ever be friends actually? I never really bothered to hang out with rich kids actually. One of the reasons is I suppose...is because I don't think I dressed to the occasion where everybody is AMPANG (Razif would know what I mean)...I suppose I was a fashion disaster during the Uni days...but then again,my point is...if we were ever socially different in standards would we be friends?

Well, we would never really know because it never happened but I'm glad it is how it is because the three of us are still good friends till now. :D

This is me and Sajna...

And this is Elaine..

I am different.They are my friends.Nuff said.


Fresh start

Author: Asri

Ok,Ok..I've thought about it. Publishing my old blogs addresses in friendster would be disastrous. Lots of personal stuff/rantings there so I thought might as well start a new one. A new address. A new face/phase perhaps?hah.right.

Ok,I just want to make things clear that my blog is exclusively for me to express my thoughts/opinions/feelings. If you want to give me feedback, do give it to me privately. Let it be email through your personal email or even friendster. I've disabled the comments section so...

I know, feedbacks/comments are for criticisms, opinions and just to let the writer know what they think about the writer's postings right? Doing it publicly has it good side...and has it ugly side as well. And therefore I choose not to handle the ugly side. I choose this because I have no capacity for a rebuttal or for whatever debate that person wants to put up with me. I choose however, to write because I just want people to know what I'm thinking about, what my opinions of certain things are...and here is what blog readers should've known a long time ago...IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE BLOG,IF YOU FIND IT OFFENSIVE,BORING OR JUST INTIMIDATES YOU IN A BAD WAY,GO AWAY. If you do like the blog, then I thank you. And do please come back again.

Everybody has a choice. The writers and the readers. And therefore I choose to turn off the comments section of the blog because I don't want other people to see what you think of my blog. Be it good or bad. Rather, what matters to me is some people out there choose to read my blog because they're just interested to know. That's all.

I don't need your criticism to be public, because if I do, then I'll turn on the comments section. That's the bottom line.

Ok, yes I have written a few blogs before. But those were the years where naivety and idealism was overwhelming to me. They're still up though(the blogs), where some of the postings have rather some good poems actually (of course, not many people have read it... me saying its good is purely my own opinion only)...some are rather corny,some are rather depressing and some are rather sad. But hey, that's the nature of poetry. Expression right?

I choose however not to disclose the addresses of the blogs because they're rather personal to me in a way. However, I might cut and paste some of the postings here one day eh?

Some of my closest friends read them...in case some of you were wondering..."then who reads your old blogs anyway?"

This is me and Razif at work

Well, just a quick introduction about me and my little blog. The reason why I call this blog audio man is because I'm currently working under the audio block for DVD design dept. I've just been transferred to this dept quite recently (August 2007). And to be honest, I think its one of the most interesting block there. However...it can be pretty tough with no old-timer to teach you about the technicalities involved. But we who are in audio block are learning slowly.

Bear in mind, my blog will not only about me describing about work...rather like I've said over and over before...my opinions. I suppose I want people to know what I'm thinking.

Well, I suppose that's all for an introduction post. I'll write about something else soon...see ya.

p/s:I met N.Izzah today *gasp*!