I never disclosed to you guys...I was asked (or to be more pollitically correct, was given a directive) to volunteer for a dance (YES,DANCE!!)performance, at our Managing Director's farewell dinner...and the performance was about 4 hours ago...accckkk...yes, I thought it was going to be a...reputation/public relations disaster especially at work! You know how some..SOME people can be very skeptical towards guys who dance for a performance...anyways, the whole time..from the rehearsal until the last few minutes before the show begins...it was fine. I was doing fine with my flag waving routine for the Chinese dance (I am half Chinese...proud to represent my other half race) until right before my turn to do that flag thinggy..the flag just came off from the stick!!!

Holy shit!! I was trying to put the thing back on but just couldn't focus hard enough to put the damn thing back on...thank God for Nur Asikin ( I won't forget this!!) was there focused enough to put the flag back on and I managed to still get on the stage doing my thing...though I had to do my flag routine slowly...coz I bet if I waive it hard enough it would just fly off and that would just be another traumatizing disaster.

Well..now its over...the rest of the 'dance' went well...except for the flag part where I feel kinda dissappointed because I sort of like the move, trained till my fingers hurt like hell and I didn't get to do it on stage...*sigh*...

Anyways...I realised now people could just go on saying "Sasha, dancer!"....well, if I had it my way, I'd say "Fuck you, you didn't have the balls to step up to do the shit I did, didn't you?"

Of course...that would end up me being fired I suppose...

But you know what, it was kinda fun. I got to wear a chinese traditional costume, show off a little martial art...and I was very impressed with my other half race's culture and history.

Anyways, here's a picture of me with Lee Chee Hao during the rehearsal..

Me and Chee Hao

"Men who looks down on men who dances are pathetic.."


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