And there we have total for now we already have FOUR videos of Infinite Hate jamming online.I hope this would produce some results (though currently, I still think that's a small probability...) but of course we will try our best to spread the news to the world of our existence.

I look back in time, we always had trouble with timing and also connection to get ourselves an opportunity to play live in a gig. For my personal experience, I myself only experienced performing live only a few times...first time was playing Gun's N Roses's Sweet Child Of Mine in St. Joseph Kuching. Then later played acoustic guitar for the song...I think it was..Breakfast At Tiffany's at SMB St. Theresa for a talent show there. And was playing at a poolside party over at Hilton Kuching...playing Metallica's Master Of Puppets live...this would be the first and the so far the last time I played metal. After that as time passed by...especially after we formed Infinite Hate, its been hard to get ourselves a big break playing in a gig.

I know...there's tons of metal bands performing out there...but I still couldn't find the connection to get our band a gig yet? If you do know someone who's a gig event manager...let me or better yet...let him know about us?We have originals if he requires us to play original songs.

Well,here's another video...this is us playing Iron Maiden's The Trooper...\m/

Man I'm hungry....actually I'm hungry for a lot of things....:D


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