The next band that I wanna introduce to you all is a band that's pure aggression, anger and hatred with speed and power to match.

Ok,be warned: this band is not for the faint hearted.

The founder of this band is the original guitarist for Fear Factory,which he left in 2002. His name is Dino Cazares, founder of one of the heaviest band out there,Divine Heresy.

I suppose it wasn't easy for Dino to kick start this band after leaving Fear Factory. Well, for starters he had to try out 3 drummers which he 'sent home' because they weren't up to his specification. I suppose I do know his specification: play 1 million beat a minute of double bass drum. Ok, perhaps that was an overstatement but take my word for's pretty close in real life because the fourth drummer that Dino auditioned is Tim Yeung. An awesome drummer that's for sure and I can tell you this, when you listen to their song you'd understand why Dino liked Tim Yeung. Blasting bass drums, awesome drumming skills as well. Its a mixture and balance of skill and endurance if you ask me. The song that blew me away was the very first song of the album , Bleed The Fifth. My ears just couldn't believe it when the drums came in after 'the bomb'.
Anyways, now Dino and Tim decided they need a vocalists. Century Media's president, Marco Barbierri introduced Tommy Vex (he used to be a club bouncer), and so they decided to give Tommy a shot by sending him a tape of their songs so he could audition for them. Tommy seems to fulfill the anger and passion that the band needs, thus becoming Divine Heresy's full time vocalist.
I just recently found out that the band also found a new full time bassist, ex-Nile's Joe Payne (because when they released their first album they were only Dino, Tim and Tommy). Saw him played live in Youtube. He filled in for backup vocals, and I would say he did it well too.
So there you have it, a new metal material for those who ran out of 'things to listen to'...this is definitely a band you should try out. Especially those who are into thrash metal as well. This band will kick your ass. To me this band has certain elements of Fear Factory but with more edge,more skills and even guitar solos.
(As usual) here's a video of their new single...Failed Creation:

This is for y'all who think I went soft...I listen to all laa...


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