Ok, I thought I should write about her before she gets really famous in Malaysia. Apparently now she's co-producing songs with Timbaland which means that she's bound for total fame really soon. A proof that I've known her for very long time already.

All right, here we go. Another one of those rare artists that Malaysia rarely or to be more pollitically correct never heard of is Anna Nalick.

Born in Glendora, California this 24 year old lass so far just released her first album in 2005 as well (yeah, but I heard of her around 2006)...How did I get to know her? Well, I was browsing through Amazon.com looking for some CDs and there it was, with the website recommending me to this particular artist after selecting a few CDs. And with the help of their 30 second sample and Limewire it brilliantly hooked me with her. At first I downloaded her single then I saw whole album was online so what the heck. (I know, this is not good for the artist but hey, I will buy the album if its in Tower Records k?)...by the way, is Tower Records closing for good in Malaysia?

She's one of those soft/pop rock kinda chick. Songs that got me hooked was In The Rough, Breathe (2am), Forever Love (Bigame) and Paper Bag. If you must know, her single Breathe (2am) was played in some of the famous shows that's currently being aired in our TV now...among them are Grey's Anatomy and One Tree Hill. If you're a love song junkie, then I would really..REALLY recommend Forever Love (Bigame).Anyways, you could just see her on Youtube...she's really famous there. Here's the link.

Well...so when she gets famous with her new song Shine where she co-produced with Timbaland don't say I never knew her a loooonnngggg time ago..ya dig?

Then again there's a possibility that she will never be famous...at all....here in Malaysia...

I'm putting the acoustic performance of Breathe(2am) for you guys to sample.

My nose is running off to Timbuktu....


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