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Author: Asri

Have you guys heard of a Chapman Stick ? I myself never heard of a chapman stick until I got to know that John Myung (Dream Theater's bassist) uses this instrument in one of their song.But after knowing that John uses this instrument, I sort of made a little research on this.
At a first glance this thing looks like an electronic sitar.Anyways, from the info I've gathered Chapman Sticks comes in a variety of versions i.e. 8, 10 or 12 strings. From my observation of the people who uses this instrument, they tap by using both hands and this instrument is able to produce sounds of both bass kind of sound and a normal guitar as well. Its pretty interesting that one instrument is able to create a nuance of 2 instruments.hehe. It even has passive and active pickups, with midi controller and also 2 channel output i.e for bass and melody (I suppose for the 'guitar' sound)

I must say I only saw a few musicians who uses this instrument. And I must also say that I've never ever held a Chapman Stick before, because I stay in Malaysia, and I always believe that our exposure to music here in Malaysia is very very dissapointing.

Here's another musician who uses a chapman Rob Martino, one of the musician you'd find on Youtube should you type Chapman Stick in the search collumn. The name of the song is One Cloud and people, I LOVE THIS SONG!!!

Nuances of the unknown is just like being in the me the light!


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