Only For The Weak

Author: Asri

Apparently it seems that some songs could still bring me back through time...oh let's say to about 8 years back. I find it kinda surprising (however that doesn't change the state that I am..*smiling*)...but anyways, perhaps only some who read this would know what the hell am I talking about (some might understand, some might just roll their eyes up again)....

But I'm sure you'd agree with me that these things do happen...songs that remind you of a specific period of your life (or moment)...for example, Red Hot Chilli Pepper's The Other Side remind me of eating lunch in my hostel apartment during my induction week at UNITEN(among other things of course). Anyways, just writing this down.It is a blog of expression right?

What was the song that reminded me of the past? Awesome by Veruca Salt.

I'm current saving the video of their concert from a flash video playing website.

Veruca Salt = Awesome...even playing live


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