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"And it makes me wonder if I ever gave a **** about you" - Makes Me Wonder by Maroon 5

That was the lyric that I heard on tv tonight while the music video was playing on one of our beloved cable tv channels. Ok, sometimes it gets worst: they censor the word whore, ass and even bitch. On purpose or not, is one hell of a mystery to me.

By definition,

Whore = prostitute

ass = donkey or bum(pending on context of your sentence)

and bitch = female dog (or as the ignorant/vain/denial would say, Babe In Total Control of Herself..WTF???)

What I'm trying to say here is...are kids so cut off from the world that they can't figure out what was censored?Ok,we just drop about that for now. we will discuss about the Maroon 5 video. Fine, you censor the word f*ck.....somehow or rather they (the kids) are going to hear the song (censored version) on radio, my point being its so famous you got to hear that song at least once in your lifetime.

Kids are intuitive mind you...they will ask "why was there a blank sound at the chorus just now?"

What do you think happens then?

Of course,the kid will actually embark on an adventure of finding out. There's :

1) Youtube
2) Limewire
3) Kazaa
4) The original CD (probably uncensored..at least during the early release)
5) Friends who got the original CD/downloaded the uncensored version/showed the video on youtube

My point being...I'm questioning the nature of censorship and its course. If kids (with their ever so eagerness behaviour and intuition) that they could get the uncensored version of anything so easily (even porn)..what's the whole point?? What's the deal in censoring the word f*ck in the chorus of Makes Me Wonder if it's soooo easily to find out what the f*ck was censored anyway??

Now forget about Maroon 5 then. Just replace that song with anything they censor on our idiot box now. I question its nature (the censorship), I question the point being that the alternative is easily obtained with the help of technology.

I just want to comment on this thing that's been going on in our media for ever so long. Think voting anyone in this election could help us with this issue?

"I don't think so...."

And I choose "None Of The Above".


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