Bangsar we hangin'...

Author: Asri

I almost forgot that I was supposed to hang out with 2 of my closest friends here...well,Elaine was kind enough to sms me this afternoon to remind me that there was a get-together with them this evening...or I would've forgotten.Me and my bad habbits.

I also realised that we haven't met for so long and most of the information changed was through G Talk...crap. Although I remember sajna telling me that I'm up-to-date...heck Saj, all of us met was what...3 months ago?I remember we met up at the A&W drive through restaurant in PJ..that was the last one..but how long has it been?

Anyways, it was fun hanging out with them. Talked about almost life, politics, housemates,work...muahaha...

("Ever Increasing Circle" by Carcass playing on my iTunes now)

Yes, if you noticed I'm the only guy in this hanging out group. Well, I have said it before...I am a normal eccentric guy in Malaysia. I believe I am different, you can compare me to most of the Malay or even the male species for this matter. But however, hanging out with them somehow or rather I realise we are all in the same frequency. We are somehow to a certain degree rather cynical, pestimist and also optimist in a way, sarcastic and also opinionated about certain things.

But you know what, they are one of the few who are down to earth and somehow or rather I feel all of us belong to the same social level I suppose. I suppose that's the main key how we all managed to keep in contact with each other and also tolerated each other. And we share our predicaments in all areas usually. Should we come from different social standard I think we would have lost contact...because in my opinion social standard could somehow or rather 'manipulate' us becoming who we I right? Our attitudes would somehow not be the same as we are today.

Of course, it would bring no justice as I would never know, if I belong to a lower social standard or Saj being a anak datuk would we still be in contact and be friends? Would we ever be friends actually? I never really bothered to hang out with rich kids actually. One of the reasons is I because I don't think I dressed to the occasion where everybody is AMPANG (Razif would know what I mean)...I suppose I was a fashion disaster during the Uni days...but then again,my point is...if we were ever socially different in standards would we be friends?

Well, we would never really know because it never happened but I'm glad it is how it is because the three of us are still good friends till now. :D

This is me and Sajna...

And this is Elaine..

I am different.They are my friends.Nuff said.


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