Fresh start

Author: Asri

Ok,Ok..I've thought about it. Publishing my old blogs addresses in friendster would be disastrous. Lots of personal stuff/rantings there so I thought might as well start a new one. A new address. A new face/phase perhaps?hah.right.

Ok,I just want to make things clear that my blog is exclusively for me to express my thoughts/opinions/feelings. If you want to give me feedback, do give it to me privately. Let it be email through your personal email or even friendster. I've disabled the comments section so...

I know, feedbacks/comments are for criticisms, opinions and just to let the writer know what they think about the writer's postings right? Doing it publicly has it good side...and has it ugly side as well. And therefore I choose not to handle the ugly side. I choose this because I have no capacity for a rebuttal or for whatever debate that person wants to put up with me. I choose however, to write because I just want people to know what I'm thinking about, what my opinions of certain things are...and here is what blog readers should've known a long time ago...IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE BLOG,IF YOU FIND IT OFFENSIVE,BORING OR JUST INTIMIDATES YOU IN A BAD WAY,GO AWAY. If you do like the blog, then I thank you. And do please come back again.

Everybody has a choice. The writers and the readers. And therefore I choose to turn off the comments section of the blog because I don't want other people to see what you think of my blog. Be it good or bad. Rather, what matters to me is some people out there choose to read my blog because they're just interested to know. That's all.

I don't need your criticism to be public, because if I do, then I'll turn on the comments section. That's the bottom line.

Ok, yes I have written a few blogs before. But those were the years where naivety and idealism was overwhelming to me. They're still up though(the blogs), where some of the postings have rather some good poems actually (of course, not many people have read it... me saying its good is purely my own opinion only)...some are rather corny,some are rather depressing and some are rather sad. But hey, that's the nature of poetry. Expression right?

I choose however not to disclose the addresses of the blogs because they're rather personal to me in a way. However, I might cut and paste some of the postings here one day eh?

Some of my closest friends read case some of you were wondering..."then who reads your old blogs anyway?"

This is me and Razif at work

Well, just a quick introduction about me and my little blog. The reason why I call this blog audio man is because I'm currently working under the audio block for DVD design dept. I've just been transferred to this dept quite recently (August 2007). And to be honest, I think its one of the most interesting block there. can be pretty tough with no old-timer to teach you about the technicalities involved. But we who are in audio block are learning slowly.

Bear in mind, my blog will not only about me describing about work...rather like I've said over and over opinions. I suppose I want people to know what I'm thinking.

Well, I suppose that's all for an introduction post. I'll write about something else soon...see ya.

p/s:I met N.Izzah today *gasp*!


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