"Hey, aren't you the guy who listens to heavy metal? Y'know, those heavy growling vocals, distorted guitars and hard thumping drums that people can't hear a thing?How come I see Sean Kingston's song in your MP3 list..."

" Hey, aren't you the guy that listens to hip hop? People who listens to hip hop can't listen to metal."

"Hey, you look like a guy who listens to the Backstreet Boys.."

"I'm very confused by your music orientation..."

These are some of the comments I normally hear in my daily life.

C'mon people, grow up. Open thine eyes and see that the world has more to offer that just sticking to one genre of music. Sure, some people do stick to a few, but they always restrict themselves in order to avoid contradiction of ideology/genre (I'm trying to sound smart here...bear with me)

My opinion is that good music exists in all genres. Regardless whether it is a Tamil song, Hindi, Baghra, Malay song....I personally experienced good music in areas that I've never thought of finding. What area would that be? For me, one of the areas I find it surprising that I've learned to love (see the word LOVE and not using the word like ?) HIP HOP. And this includes the relevant areas to this genre (I'm just trying to make it clear that I see as Crunk is in the almost same genre to hip hop...the only difference that I see is a few...crunk has sountern fast beats and somehow or rather crunk has different 'ideology' based on my observation on their lyrics).

Yes, I admit. I was hip-hop-phobic. I started to be fanatical about music when I first listened to heavy metal or more specifically Metallica's Master Of Puppets. I used to tell myself people who listens to metal can't possibly relate themselves to these drug taking, pussy crazy alcohol drinking party animals. But you know what, somehow or rather its more than just the way of life of that particular genre. Its more rather than just what they have in their image and what they have in their list of precedence.

I was amazed by how anger and depression also are expressed in their genre. For example:

In Tupac's Letter To The President:

"How hypocritical is Liberty?
That blind bitch
ain't never did shit for me
My history, full of casket and scars
My own black nation at war, whole family behind bars"

Ok, I admit. I don't listen only because of lyrics. I don't restrict myself only to songs with "good angry lyrics". I like to that particular music/song due to whatever aspect that seems fit. What other aspects you ask? Well, it could be anything. The melody, beat, the mood it brings, rapping speed,lyrics...anything whatever it is, I'm a guy who doesn't restrict himself.


Music prefference has always been about personal prefference. It can't be forced even though somehow or rather it fits the 'requirement' of the general public's definition of "good music" (notice that those "" means I'm doing the air quotes with my hands). There are just some songs (or perhaps many lah actually) I just refuse to accept it as good music, regardless by how many grammy that artist won..for example, Amy Whinehouse's Rehab. Why? Well, in my personal opinion it just sounds too noisy with her vocals let alone with music. Ok that was kinda rough, but I always say this: It's My Opinion. So just bear with it.If you can't handle this then bugger off aight?

I also tend to hear that song everytime my colleague's handphone rings. So consider it as being overplayed to me. Jemu lah.

But anyways...just want to let you know I do like some songs in the Malay scene, Indon scene, hip hop, pop, rock,alternative, emo(mainstream).... I don't think I could handle the instrumental emo scene or shuffle/in house mix/techno stuff. I just can't. I suppose I just couldn't grasp the concept yet.

So now comes to the question of...which genre do I belong to? Which image should I put up to say this is who I am?

I've thought about it. I suppose, I can't put up the pure hip-hop image (baggy pants, FUBU shoes, Eagle's jersey with cap,wristbands, shades)...I suppose I did try to do it before,during my studying days. But no, I just couldn't. Perhaps a normal occasional Lelaki Ampang image or just Ah Beng yang pergi layan itu techno kat club (reminder: I don't listen to techno...tak boleh blahh!!) kind of image that I potray perhaps?. That's maybe due to my limit financial resource. Aiyah, look at friendster profile lah. That's how I look.

Oh...I forgot to mention. I have a tendency to be a HUGE fan of those rarely played female artists on our national/cable tv. For example, who here has ever heard of Anna Nalick? Or The Like?

I'd buy and wear their printed t-shirts. That can't be considered gay right?....

Oh well...got to go...got a girl waiting for me in the shower now.Comiiinngg!!


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